This Week on Kerry TV

For some time now, friends and relatives have been asking why I stopped updating them about the shows that I’m working on for public television. The reason? Too busy. Most week’s I have a show airing on local stations, WNET’s “NYC-ARTS.” Occasionally, on weekend’s I will contribute to “PBS NewsHour Weekend.” But this coming week, you can see my work every day of the week.

Beginning Monday, October 19, WLIW’s “MetroFocus” becomes a daily show. It airs on WNET, WLIW and NJTV but for those of you that don’t receive those stations, you can view it online at This week, new episodes will air Monday through Friday. In future weeks, it will be only Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please check your local listings. And in case you missed our interview with Dame Angela Lansbury, you can find it on this weekend or online.

This Thursday, October 22, please watch “NYC-ARTS,” the weekly arts news magazine for the tri-state area. Also a local show it too can be seen on WNET, WLIW and NJTV. It can also be viewed on its web site

Beginning Friday, October 23, you can see the latest episode of the nationally televised financial show “Consuelo Mack|WealthTrack.” Dubbed by the press, the “Cramer Antidote,” “WealthTrack’s” Mack was named “The Best Money TV Host” by Money Magazine. Also available at

Again please check your local listings or visit the corresponding web site. Enjoy watching.