Gone too soon

Gone Too Soon

One of my passions is British television, particularly their murder mysteries. That passion really extends to several members of the Commonwealth like Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Perhaps my all-time favorite was a little-known comedy detective drama called “Mayo” also known as “The Gil Mayo Mysteries.”

Based on the series of books with the same name written by Marjorie Eccles, it lasted only a single eight-episode season. Series writing credits include Eccles and the show’s star, Alistair McGowan, a comic genius.

McGowan plays the titular character and is surrounded by three marvelous actors as his supporting team. Each is memorable in their own right.

In all likelihood, I have watched each episode over half a dozen times because, unfortunately, there were only these eight episodes.

If you enjoy your murders delivered with comic relief, then go to Youtube and check it out. As the British would say, “it is brilliant.”

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