Netflix–Don’t Stay Home Without It

Netflix has become my goto destination for television viewing. (Okay, aside from the PBS app on Roku.) Although I do watch the occasional movie on it, it has become my portal to tv shows that I missed during the initial airings.

Currently, my favorite is “Life.” It’s easy to tell you why I didn’t watch it originally: the title. I was full of preconceptions of what it was about. Either I didn’t see the ads, which is highly likely because it’s been years since I watched anything on NBC, or I misunderstood them.

In any case. “Life,” at two seasons and thirty-two episodes, has now become the object of my binge-watching.

It’s the story of a police detective, back on the job after serving twelve years of a life sentence and finally being cleared, and his new partner. Starring Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews and Sarah Shahi as Detective Dani Reese, there is the weekly murder that they solve as well as the long-term plot of Detective Crews trying to find out why he was set up for his murder conviction and who was behind it.

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