Next on MetroFocus – debuts 2/13/2013

In this edition of MetroFocus we begin with in-depth reporting on guns and gun violence in advance of the PBS week devoted to guns coverage.  In a solutions segment, Rick Karr reports from Crown Heights on a small group’s strategy to reduce gun violence and to address the connection between poverty and gun crimes.  Rafael Pi Roman interviews State Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) on New York’s new tough gun control law as well as poverty and Adams’ 20-year-career as an NYPD officer.  For an upstate perspective, Marie Cusick reports on reaction to gun control legislation from Ilion, NY, the small town where the massive Remington Arms Company was founded and where the gun manufacturer still has a factory. We introduce a brand new MetroFocus segment, “Listening in,” with an excerpt from a talk called “Cities and Climate Change: What Aren’t We Talking About?” held at the New York Academy of Sciences, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and featuring leading climate scientists talking about how to rebuild and better prepare after Hurricane Sandy.  AIDS activist Peter Staley joins Rafael Pi Roman to talk about the academy award-nominated documentary “How To Survive A Plague,” which documents the history of the radical group, ACT UP, and its protests and campaigns to change policies on HIV/AIDS research and funding. Staley is one of the principal characters in the documentary and he talks to Pi Roman about how the lessons learned by ACT UP apply to today’s social justice movements.  From the Rockaways, The New York Times’ Emma Cott reports on the struggle students are facing after being displaced from their high school for more than two months following Hurricane Sandy. And we’ll have a look at an amazing solution to feeding the hungry called “Canstruction,” a 20-year-old competition for architects and engineers to build structures entirely out of cans of food…all of which are then donated to local food banks.


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