Consuelo Mack/WealthTrack – 1/25/2013

On this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack: the sea change in the markets. Financial Thought Leader, Andrew Lo, renowned professor of finance at MIT and hedge fund manager says the markets are more complex and challenging than ever before. He shares strategies to survive and prosper. 

Next on MetroFocus

In this edition of MetroFocus, what’s next now that billions of dollars in federal recovery money is flowing? We’ll hear a few of the proposed ideas for protecting the shoreline, and an excerpt from the Long Island Index symposium on lessons learned for transportation. We’ll compare and contrast the Governors of New York and New Jersey and their state of the state addresses with The New York Times’ Nick Confessore and The Record/’s Alfred Doblin. NJ Today managing editor Mike Schneider brings us up-to-date on FEMA’s work in New Jersey and what new flood maps mean for hard hit coastal communities.

To celebrate Grand Central’s centennial year, Rafael Pi Roman interviews Sam Roberts, author of “Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America.”

And a report from the NY Times Natalia Osipova on New York’s Russian immigrant community, which has been making noise here that’s designed to be heard in Moscow.

Consuelo Mack/WealthTrack – 1/18/13

On this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack: Game Changers for 2013! In part 2 of WealthTrack’s annual exclusive with Financial Thought Leader, Ed Hyman, Wall Street’s number one ranked economist for an unprecedented 33 years running, he and  Great Investor Dennis Stattman, long-time portfolio manager of BlackRock’s Global Allocation Fund identify the three big issues they predict will make a huge positive difference to investors this year.

Shows you may have missed 2: HARLEM IN MONTMARTRE

HARLEM IN MONTMARTRE A Paris Jazz Story debuted in 2009. This movie, which was telecast as an episode of Great Performances, tells the story of those who left America to create the jazz age in Paris between the First and Second World Wars. After peace was signed at Versailles, many black Americans remained in Europe rather than return to the brutal segregation and racism of America. Over the next two decades, they formed an expatriate community of musicians, entertainers and entrepreneurs, primarily congregating in Paris’ hilly Montmartre neighborhood. Some achieved enduring fame, while others faded into history.

Unfortunately, this movie is not currently available as streaming media in this country however, if you don’t mind French subtitles and narration, it is available on YouTube here: Harlem à Montmartre.

Shows you may have missed 1: PARIS: THE LUMINOUS YEARS

PARIS: THE LUMINOUS YEARS Toward the Making of the Modern debuted in December 2010.

In the early decades of the twentieth century, a storm of modernism swept through the art worlds of the West, uprooting centuries of tradition in the visual arts, music, literature, dance, theater and beyond. The epicenter of this storm was Paris, France.

Paris The Luminous Years, explores this unique moment in Paris from 1905 to 1930, decisive years for our contemporary culture, when an international group including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Igor Stravinsky, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Cocteau, Gertrude Stein, Vaslav Nijinsky and Aaron Copland, among numerous others, revolutionized the direction of the modern arts.

Next on MetroFocus

In the next edition of MetroFocus, we follow the money and look at what is still to be done to recover from Superstorm Sandy. NJToday’s Lauren Wanko reports from the oceanfront community of Mantoloking, NJ where more hundreds of homes were destroyed or severely damaged. Rafael Pi Roman follows up with a discussion about where the billions of federal money are going to go, and which communities are still struggling in New York with Jarrett Murphy, editor-in-chief of the non-profit investigative news organization “City Limits” and staff reporter, Nick Powell, from New York newspaper “City&State”.

NJToday managing editor Mike Schneider brings us the latest on school coping after the Newtown, Connecticut shooting with an interview with the mayor of Marlboro Township, NJ, Jonathan Hornik who decided to put armed police officers in every one of the town’s school.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch reviews political corruption, political leaders and his decision to seek a fourth term in an interview with Rafael Pi Roman. And the president of Covenant House, Kevin Ryan, talks about homeless youth and how to help in our MetroFocus solutions story.