“Lucky Man”

So was titled the 1970 hit song by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. And the title, at least, describes me. As I have repeated many times, perhaps to some ad nauseum, I consider myself a lucky man indeed to be able to do the work that I do.

Tonight’s MetroFocus is an example of the best of our work. In continued celebration of Black History Month, our guests are Senator Cory Booker, Martin Luther King III and Maurice Hines. These are three very inspirational interviews. If you live in the New York tri-state area, watch us on Thirteen/WNET, WLIW/21 or NJTV. If you don’t or would like to time shift, you can watch us online at MetroFocus.org.

Next Week: Sinatra 100 on MetroFocus

One of the shows that I work on each week is the daily newsmagazine, MetroFocus. Monday’s episode will be a celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. This my favorite episode of MetroFocus to date. And it leads off a week long commemoration of the great singer’s career.

It can be seen Monday, December 7 on WLIW (5PM, 7PM & 11PM), Thirteen (6PM) and NJTV (5:30PM) and streaming on the web at metrofocus.org/watch-episodes after 6:30 that night.

Join Rafael Pi Roman and me on Monday night.

This Week on Kerry TV

For some time now, friends and relatives have been asking why I stopped updating them about the shows that I’m working on for public television. The reason? Too busy. Most week’s I have a show airing on local stations, WNET’s “NYC-ARTS.” Occasionally, on weekend’s I will contribute to “PBS NewsHour Weekend.” But this coming week, you can see my work every day of the week.

Beginning Monday, October 19, WLIW’s “MetroFocus” becomes a daily show. It airs on WNET, WLIW and NJTV but for those of you that don’t receive those stations, you can view it online at MetroFocus.org. This week, new episodes will air Monday through Friday. In future weeks, it will be only Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please check your local listings. And in case you missed our interview with Dame Angela Lansbury, you can find it on this weekend or online.

This Thursday, October 22, please watch “NYC-ARTS,” the weekly arts news magazine for the tri-state area. Also a local show it too can be seen on WNET, WLIW and NJTV. It can also be viewed on its web site nyc-arts.org.

Beginning Friday, October 23, you can see the latest episode of the nationally televised financial show “Consuelo Mack|WealthTrack.” Dubbed by the press, the “Cramer Antidote,” “WealthTrack’s” Mack was named “The Best Money TV Host” by Money Magazine. Also available at wealthtrack.com.

Again please check your local listings or visit the corresponding web site. Enjoy watching.

Gone too soon

Gone Too Soon

One of my passions is British television, particularly their murder mysteries. That passion really extends to several members of the Commonwealth like Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Perhaps my all-time favorite was a little-known comedy detective drama called “Mayo” also known as “The Gil Mayo Mysteries.”

Based on the series of books with the same name written by Marjorie Eccles, it lasted only a single eight-episode season. Series writing credits include Eccles and the show’s star, Alistair McGowan, a comic genius.

McGowan plays the titular character and is surrounded by three marvelous actors as his supporting team. Each is memorable in their own right.

In all likelihood, I have watched each episode over half a dozen times because, unfortunately, there were only these eight episodes.

If you enjoy your murders delivered with comic relief, then go to Youtube and check it out. As the British would say, “it is brilliant.”

Netflix–Don’t Stay Home Without It

Netflix has become my goto destination for television viewing. (Okay, aside from the PBS app on Roku.) Although I do watch the occasional movie on it, it has become my portal to tv shows that I missed during the initial airings.

Currently, my favorite is “Life.” It’s easy to tell you why I didn’t watch it originally: the title. I was full of preconceptions of what it was about. Either I didn’t see the ads, which is highly likely because it’s been years since I watched anything on NBC, or I misunderstood them.

In any case. “Life,” at two seasons and thirty-two episodes, has now become the object of my binge-watching.

It’s the story of a police detective, back on the job after serving twelve years of a life sentence and finally being cleared, and his new partner. Starring Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews and Sarah Shahi as Detective Dani Reese, there is the weekly murder that they solve as well as the long-term plot of Detective Crews trying to find out why he was set up for his murder conviction and who was behind it.

Name change

Well, after much procrastination (did you know that my middle initial, L, stands for “procrastinator?), I have changed the name of my blog from “This Week on Kerry TV” to “This Week on Kerry’s TV.”

Originally, my motivation to create this blog was to highlight the shows that I’m currently editing. Well, for over a year now, I have been working on two weekly shows, Thirteen/WNET’s “NYC-ARTS” and WLIW/21’s “MetroFocus.” Here and there I may spend the odd weekend contributing to PBS NewsHour Weekend. 

For those interested in my regular shows, all you need to do is click on one of the links to the right.

If and when I work on new “one-offs,” I will continue to post them here.

In addition, I have decided to use this blog as a platform for the tv shows that I believe are noteworthy. And so, “This Week on Kerry’s TV” will be a highlight of what I’m watching whether something that I have collaborated on, or something else entirely.

Let me know what you think.

It’s been a long time!

Well, I haven’t blogged in quite awhile. Oh, I have been busy but it’s been the same thing week after week. Don’t get me wrong. We continue to make great television. But it has been so routine that there really hasn’t been anything exceptional to write about. That is until this week. Please watch this week’s NYC-ARTS. We will be visiting the Metropolitan Opera for a look at their Live in HD series. We will see Rafael Pi Roman interviewing Rajendra Roy, MoMA’s Chief Curator of Film, and discussing the upcoming contenders for Best Picture Oscar. Finally, we will hear Steve Martin playing with Edie Brickell and the Steep Canyon Rangers, and talking to Paula Zahn about his upcoming Great Performances special.

NYC-ARTS and MetroFocus on Roku

Imagine my surprise when I visited the PBS Channel on Roku. If you have selected Thirteen/WNET as your favorite channel, you can view NYC-ARTS and MetroFocus any time you want.

Have a Roku box? Check it out. PBS on Roku is one of their free channels.

Being able to watch NYC-ARTS and MetroFocus are reasons enough to get a box. Ask for one for Christmas. (I know, I know. It’s not even September and I’m talking about Christmas.)

NYC-ARTS – 6/27/2013

In this episode: a feature on this year’s Lincoln Center Festival, “A Dancer’s Dream” at Avery Fisher Hall, a tour of “Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui” at the Brooklyn Museum, and Christina Ha reports the latest arts news on location at The Cloisters.

MetroFocus – 6/26/2013

The next edition of MetroFocus reports on the race for mayor in New York City with the first in a series of interviews with the leading candidates.  Host Rafael Pi Roman talks to Democratic candidate John Liu, currently the City Comptroller, about his views on the minimum wage, housing, the NYPD’s controversial “stop and frisk” policy, and the federal investigation that brought down two of Liu’s former associates.  Liu tells Pi Roman that although he’s never been charged with anything, the four-year investigation makes him “…the most thoroughly investigated candidate in the history of New York.”

The federal budget cuts known as a sequester are starting to hit home. NJTV’s Desiree Taylor reports on cuts to emergency unemployment benefits that are putting the squeeze on New Jersey’s jobless.

The new PBS documentary ANNIE: It’s the Hard-Knock Life, From Script to Stage debuts on PBS stations Friday, June 28th and MetroFocus has a preview.

And find out what inspired one of the art world’s iconic figures, Peter Max, to paint his eye-popping images in an interview with Steve Adubato from his program One on One.